Tuesday, April 15, 2008



Wanda in one of her Wonderful Dreams

Wanda Blount is extraordinary talent who specializes in creating tapestry crochet high fashion hats. She says she dreams of her creations before she take hook to wool.

Carole Ventura has written up Wanda's inspirational story very comprehensively on her Tapestry Crochet Blog, so I won't steal her thunder, you can read all about Wanda's crochet there - see also Carole's
sidebar links.

Wanda herself has posted a lot of her pix on Flickr.

These wonderful hats are worthy of Paris catwalk fashions in my dreams...
....yes I dreamed I saw Naomi Campbell sashaying down the catwalk in Wanda's creations!
Maybe this dream will come true for Wanda too!

Whet your appetite here with a few of her astonishing beauties:

Thank you Wanda for letting me bring your art here.

Now I go to dream.....perchance to crochet.....



ArtNomadix said...

I just love Wanda's work, it is so finely detailed, with such unique shapes to each hat. Really has inspired me to get more tapestry patterning going in my hats again.
I wonder what Wanda is dreaming up next? Regards Meg-an

Blanket America said...

Lovely art...I could suggest you make some for wall hangings.They could well be framed and hanged on the wall.