Monday, August 4, 2008

Fun Hats

Carole Ventura's precise tapestry crochet hats,
beautifully designed and executed,
her work shows us the meaning of excellence.

Tapestry crochet lends itself well to making hats. We are having an exceptionally cold winter this year so hats have come out of storage and the hook is busy after so much inspiration from the postings of hats in the Flickr Tapestry Crochet group. Go check them out.

The quickest way to find them all is to go to the Flickr group and bring up the Tags, click on the "hat" tag and up will come all the hats tagged with it.

That's the importance of tags, so don't forget to tag your postings, they'll even turn up in Google Image Searches that way too.

I've posted a few really fun examples of creative tapestry crochet inventive hat genius here.
But do go see all of them.

Nordic design stars in Torirot's baby hat

One of Wanda's Wonders

Megan's makes extraordinary inventions

CrochetDad shows his inventive flair in this topee

My old hat

Vaisto in one of her fun hats

Thanks to all the tapestry crochet artists.
They all have so much more on the Flickr Tapestry Crochet group pages.