Sunday, May 18, 2008


Carole Ventura has a Flat Tapestry Crochet Tutorial video on her blog that will help everyone overcome those problems of blurry edges on images.

Image courtesy Carole Ventura

Most back & forth flat tapestry crochet looks like the example on the left.

How much better the one on the right looks, so neat and precise.

Check out this excellent video and practice this technique and you too will never have those wobbly bits to offend the eye in your creations.

Here's an idea! Say you wanted your animal (in the above example) to have a furry coat, but a sharp head & legs, you could combine the two techniques. This would give an extra dimension to the work.

Thanks again Carole, you are the wind under our wings.

More of Carole's video tutorials on uTube here


Friday, May 9, 2008

Meet the extraordinary Jenny Love

Jenny, an avid Tapestry Crocheter for many, many years, whilst raising 5 or 6 children on her own! is an amazingly bright cheerful soul, whose laugh can be heard whenever she is around.

I first met Jen nearly 30 years ago, when her family was just small and growing. Later when we re-met we discovered that not only were we born in the same year, a few months apart, we were avid tapestry crocheters, ('tho neither of us knew that until recently). Jen used to make Boots, and Back-Packs out of thick rug wool, (don't know how her hands coped with the roughness!), as well as long pointy hats, all with incredible long triangular star type tapestry patterns. I don't know how she found the time with all her kids.

These are photos of some recent works, Skirts, with her Butterfly pattern. Over the years she has made beautiful Belly Dance Tops, using exquisite fine cottons and sparkley yarns, and large mandalas, bags, leggings, Lower-leg Flares, wristlets, and has made a lot in fluoro for the "Doof" crowd. I shall hopefully take more photos of some of her other stuff tomorrow at the market, if she brings some, and post them next week ,