Saturday, October 20, 2007

Come share the bubbly.

Nice venue, but where are the guests?

Have you ever had a party, but nobody turned up? Happened to a friend of mine once. He made the house look wonderful, put out great refreshments, brought in a band, lighting and even set up a fountain, bubbling & spotlit with pretty colors, in the entrance.
But everybody had gone to a festival over by the beach. So he opened the French champers & sat watching the fountain...but hey...they all rolled in around 1 am by which time he was a very merry host indeed and it became an all night rave.

This is feeling a bit like that. I hope the other tapestry crochet aficionados get here soon.

Vibrant talent from Finland.

Meanwhile I'll share this bit from the Carol Ventura archives, sent to me by Google FeedBlitz, about the beautiful precise work of Maarit Aalto from Finland. If you read it and follow the links you'll find your work can become as precise as hers. My own work is a case in point. From now on I'll be working her way and creating clear and precise images.

Also today a new Flickr Tapestry Crochet Group member me si, also from Finland, arrived with her vibrant hats. Must be something to do with the northern lights!

Hope you'll join me here soon, a party of one is very limited fun.


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